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Pinterest Marketing – Complete Beginners Guide

A lot of Businesses use Pinterest ads because of Pinterest-wide 100 million monthly active users. And that’s why pinterest marketing is very important.

Pinterest is important in marketing as it drives 7.17% of all social media referral traffic.

Additionally, more than 90% of the pinners use Pinterest for planning their purchase, while more than 85% of the pinners make a purchase because of Pinterest.

Such mind-blowing stats have been the major reason why result-driven Pinterest advertising has a lot of potential in it.

For becoming a pro on Pinterest Marketing, you just need to go through the following steps and understand some important points regarding Pinterest advertising.

How to create an account on Pinterest

1. Sign Up

Go to Pinterest.com, and sign up using your e-mail address or sign up directly via your Facebook and Gmail accounts.

When you connect your social networks to your Pinterest account, you can easily find your friends, brands, and blogs that you should follow.

2. Create Your Profile

Now you should create your account username and profile picture that you use on your other social media platforms.

This will help your followers find you quite easily and also it will set a tone for your online presence.

You should provide impressive and important details about yourself in the ‘about you’ section of your Pinterest profile.

3. Check Your Settings

In Pinterest settings, you can set notifications, security, home feed, and app settings.

You are also advised to turn on your email notifications to find a person to follow by going through comments, likes, or repins ideas that are associated with your niche.

For security reasons, you can also opt for two-factor authentication in security settings.

Pinterest Advertising

By paying for online advertising on Pinterest, you can give your normal pins a chance to blow up as promoted pins that will guarantee even more intense client reach.

For that you should know the different types of Pinterest ad campaigns and the list is below:

Pinterest Marketing; Types of Pinterest Ad Campaigns

Awareness Campaigns

These campaigns will let you display your business to the general population who were unaware of your business.

New prospects will become more acquainted with what you do. You would be required to pay per 1,000 impressions.

Engagement Campaigns

Engagement campaigns create an environment in which you pinners would repin or click your promoted pins.

You will be required to pay for each engagement activity like click or repin.

Continue reading the Pinterest Marketing guide to know how to become a pro in Pinterest Marketing.

Traffic Campaigns

Traffic campaigns send individuals from your Pinterest advertisements straightforwardly to your site.

You will be required to pay for each click.

Now let us go through the list of different types of Pinterest ads:

Pinterest Marketing; Types of Pinterest Ads

Promoted Pins

A Pinterest expert should know that they could pay a certain amount for promoting specific pins on Pinterest.

This will give more individuals a chance to see your pin.

Promoted Video Pins

Promoted pins that incorporate a video and ensure the promotion of that video content in front of target audiences is called promoted video pins.

These pins play naturally, they show up in the ‘more like this’ segment, list items, and news feeds.

One-Tap Pins

One-tap pins will guide your clients to come to your site and if you wish for prompt conversions, the use of this kind of pin will establish you as a Pinterest expert.

Promoted App Pin

Pinterest expert uses these Pinterest ads to advance their applications on Pinterest.

It allows you to offer an application symbol alongside an install button inside your Pinterest ad that will give your pinners a chance to install your application quickly.

Cinematic Pins

These pins incorporate pins that incorporate motion, but the motion will only be played once the user scrolls over them.

Content Marketing – Every Marketer Needs to Know

SEO for Pinterest

You have to use some SEO strategy to get your pins discovered by the eyes of your target audience.

But, don’t worry, it doesn’t take much to optimize your pins in regard to Pinterest searches.

Following are the tips for Pinterest SEO:

  1. Firstly Research keywords, try a tool like Google AdWords keyword planner to find popular keywords related to your business and your pins.
  2. Then add your keyword/keywords to your pin title, pin descriptions, and pin image file names.
  3. As with any SEO you use, make sure not to sound spammy by adding three keywords to your title and descriptions like a robot would.
  4. You should properly optimize and simply add a strong keyword within the right context.

Keep scrolling Pinterest Marketing Guide.

How to start Pinterest Marketing; using Pinterest for business;

1. Create images on a popular category that are bright in color and the image should be of high quality with little crispiness.

2. Image pixels should be 736×1102.

3. For getting high seen on your pins, you must use keywords in pin titles, descriptions, and image file names.

4. Link your other social media platforms with this Pinterest account.

5. Add a call-to-pin in your pin descriptions.

6. Engage with followers and influencers to grow your reach by pinning up to 30 times per day and responding to follower comments.

7. You can also comment on follower pins and popular boards.

8. Build influencer relationships if multiple influencers.

9. Using “find friends” from Twitter and Facebook.

10. Promote your brand successfully with rich pins and direct site links in descriptions.

11. Use the information from Pinterest analytics to create a more successful future strategy

If you follow these all strategies in your Pinterest Marketing and do a proper analysis of the engagement you get, your Pinterest for business account will start growing and develop for the better, attract more of your target audience, and direct people to your site.

Thank You for reading Pinterest Marketing Beginners Guide. Please share your thought in the comment box.

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